Every year since 2016, I AM MENtality has worked with over 100 youth males in Baltimore City to engage them in year-round leadership development opportunities and provide mentorship as they navigate life. This is an effort from I AM MENtality leaders, volunteers and community partner organizations out to build a strong and healthier Baltimore.

We recognize that providing support is an integral part of empowering youth to succeed, so we encourage young people to become leaders, make good decisions, and take care of their minds and bodies. We offer various programs starting as early as elementary school so that our youth can develop their leadership skills, find their voice as young men and engage in positive change in their communities. Please visit www.iammentality.com/donate to make a contribution towards our efforts.

We have a great group of youth here at I AM MENtality, and we make it our business to check in with them frequently to gauge their involvement in our programs and the impact that we are making on their growth.

Aries, a Senior at Parkville High School,  is one of our Youth Leaders who is trying to make a difference in the world, and he has been a member of the organization for almost two years. Aries is not only committed to his community through his involvement with I AM MENtality, but also committed to himself. We are proud to have him as part of our organization.

Aries understands that his life is a journey and that the best way to get what he wants is to be intentional about taking the right steps. Aries joined I AM Mentality because he and his mother, April Fore, want only the best for his future and his ability to make positive contributions to the world. We all believe that Aries is destined to be a great leader and we are here to help him develop his skills.

When asked what he enjoys about I AM MENtality, Aries replied, “meeting new people and creating new bonds.” He wants to inspire other youth to find the strength within themselves to make their own way.

In addition to I AM MENtality programs, Aries is involved in extracurricular activities at school–lacrosse and indoor track, He says he’s interested in making money fast by getting a job that allows him to support himself. 

While wrapping up the talk with young Mr. Fore, we asked him, “what advice do you have for your peers who want to be great leaders?”

The best advice he has for his peers who want to be great leaders is “just to communicate a lot, take responsibility for your actions if you mess up, and be accountable for them.”

Over the years, we have met countless Baltimore youth males who are passionate about developing their leadership skills and determined to succeed. As our youth face challenges with finances, family, education, etc., we provide opportunities for them to evolve despite those roadblocks.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting Aries and the rest of our youth males by donating to our non-profit organization!  Click here to donate!